Are you also aware of the stupidity that surrounds us?


The revolution of common sense into a society tending to nonsense

Cover of the book

You must resist!

If you observe with concern the stupidity that surrounds us.
If you are aware of the growing radicalization in our society.
If you also think that the worst threat to the future is the passivity of our present…

This book is going to remind you truths that we already knew but the Stablishment wants us to forget.


Philosophically speaking, endurance tends to possess some kind of mystical sense. We link this mental image with a sort of heroic philosophy of life. But, maybe the time to transcend into another state has arrived; apparently, less intricate but, absolutely more effective. We can’t change the world; we can’t shoot a revolution to slow down the debacle of humanity. I’m not talking just about utopia, but probability. So, here’s a fact we can adopt in order to achieve a better way to understand and confront reality: we can resist. We can built a way of being human based on the self-consciousness. Without falling into the egomaniac opulence of the system; the asphyxiation for ever needing more and more, indefinitely.